About Debs


Hi Everyone, I have been chosen as the husband to give you some info on my wife Debs the person and artist.

Debs, as you see is a semi matured woman..haha with a passion for her family, friends, dogs and her doodle art.

Long before I came on the scene in 1995, Debs has always been involved in some form of artistic expression whether it be making Denim Teddies (Debs Teds) to creating jewellery. So no surprise to me when Doodles started appearing around the house with her saying, "What do you think of this?". Being a dutiful husband I would reply "Cool" not knowing what started as a few coloured lines would turn out to be beautiful bright colourful works of arts.

So Debs Doodle Designs (ddd) became a reality mid 2013. Debs has always been an avid reader of self help books, so no surprise she combined  Doodles with sayings about life. Now she spends every free moment creating the next ddd.

Cheers Allan

Debs doing her thing


Debs with Victor, Max and Ruby